Monday, 7 April 2008

Rubin-1984-Pre ili kasnije [Lp]

First Rubin album "Rubin" was recorded in studio Druga Maca and produced by Nenad Stefanović Japanac. Band members were: Aca Džunić (guitar), Đorđe Nejković (keyborad), Branislav Mihajlović (drums), Slavoljub Stefanović (vocal) & Srđan Antić (bass).

01-Pre ili kasnije
02-Susret neočekivan
03-Kao da se volimo
04-Nesrećan i loš
05-Neću da se dosađujem
07-Kad poželiš
08-Samo jedan dodir tvoj

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Mrmot

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Anonymous said...

The producer of this album Mr. Nenad Stefanovic Japanac (Japanese) was young and restless in 1983-1984 (when the material was recorded). Japanac was constantly making everyone in the studio laugh to tears. This was not so hard because all members of the band were actually high school students ages 16-17, who had an incredibly good times in the big city (Belgrade) even without Japanac's help.

There are three interesting details related to the making of this album. First, each morning Japanac would bring (and drink) a bottle of brandy (Vinjak) made by the company called Rubin. Second, Rubin company is located in Krusevac, Serbia. Third, all members of the band were born and raised in Krusevac, a town with best looking girls in Serbia.

After long sessions in Studio Druga Maca Belgrade, the band together with Japanac, would go next door to Srpska Kafana Restaurant on Ivo Lola Ribar Street to conclude the day worth of job. Right from the door of Srpska Kafana Japanac would shout to the waitresses and order Rubin, Vinjak, of course.

Five years later (in 1989) Japanac made the following statement: "This Rubin factory in Krusevac should create a monument, or at least a brass plate with my name at the door of their Vinjak plant. Because my consumption of Vinjak constitutes 50% of their production".

Japanac is the best bass player in ex-Yugoslavia (at all times) and by far the funniest music producer in that part of the world. You can hear his bass-lines on Bijelo Dugme, Bajaga and 50 other albums in 1980s and 1990s. But most importantly you can hear Japanac's amazing bass skills in the title song "Pre ili kasnije".