Thursday, 22 May 2008

Riblja Čorba-1981-Mrtva priroda [Cd Remaster]

Mrtva priroda (trans. "Still Life") is the third studio album from influential Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba. For the first time album featured a song written entirely by Momčilo Bajagić, "Ja sam se ložio na tebe". Music for "Ne veruj ženi koja puši Drinu bez filtera" was written by Bajagić, and for "Odlazak u grad" by Bajagić and Miša Aleksić. Still, Bora Đorđević remained the main author with ballad "Neću da ispadnem životinja", rock anthem "Pekar, lekar, apotekar", "Volim, volim žene", Riblja čorba's first directly political song "Na zapadu ništa novo" (named after Erich Maria Remarque's novel All Quiet on the Western Front) and other songs. Three weeks after the album was released it was sold in 100,000 copies, which was the fastest-selling album in the history of Yugoslav Rock. The final number of copies sold was 450,000.

Riblja Čorba-1981-Mrtva priroda [Cd Remaster]

01-Volim, volim žene
02-Ne veruj ženi koja puši Drinu bez filtera (Ostavi je)
03-Ja sam se ložio na tebe
05-Pobeći negde
06-Pekar, lekar, apotekar
07-Odlazak u grad
08-Vetar duva, duva, duva
09-Na zapadu ništa novo
10-Neću da ispadnem životinja

Bitrate 320
Cd Rip by Lajso
pass: lajso

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