Thursday, 24 July 2008


Smak was formed in 1971 in Kragujevac, Serbia, by guitar virtuoso Radomir Mihailović, nicknamed "Točak" ("the Wheel"). The first stable line-up, in late 1974, included Točak, drummer Slobodan Stojanović Kepa, bass guitarist Zoran Milanović, singer Boris Arandjelović, and keyboardist Laza Ristovski. They released 3 SP from 1974-1975, on which appeared their hit single Ulazak u Harem (Entrance to the Harem) and they appeared as an opening act for the Deep Purple concert in Belgrade 1975. After a successful hit single and an excellent concert with Deep Purple they released their first LP called Smak 1975 and it was one of the best debut albums of all time in ex-Yugoslavia. It consisted of 5 tracks, including a 20 minutes long instrumental, "Biska 20", the dramatically good "Blues in the park", the inventive and infamous "Biska 2", "Dark Minor" (Mračni mol) and the Hendrix-styled "Pearls".


02-Mračni mol
03. Blues u parku
04. Biska 2
05-Put od balona (Biska 20)

Bitrate 320
Cd Rip by Lajso

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