Saturday, 5 January 2008

Kameleoni-1994-Kameleoni 66-67

Kameleoni played often in Austria and Italy. They also played in famous Piper club in Rome. In 1968 they have some members changes and they make music for film "Soncni krik" (Sunny Cry). They split up 1969 but they have reunion concert in 1981 when they make their first long play record. Here is their cd compilation released in 1994.

01-Sjaj Izgubljene Ljubavi
03-La Felicita
04-San Francisco
05-See See Rider
06-California Dreaming
07-Story Of My Brown Friend
08-Something You've Got
09-Looking For Me
10-Gdje Si Ljubavi?
11-Con Le Mie Lacrime
12-Dedicated To The One I Love
13-With A Girl Like You
14-Una Bambolina Che Fa No
15-For No One
16-Too Much On My Mind

Bitrate 192
Cd Rip by Lajso

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