Monday, 21 January 2008

Stop-1984-Hey Jimi [Lp]

Hard rock group Stop from Zagreb was formed in 1979 by Nikola Sarapa Vaso (guitar), Mladen Mostečak (bass), Srećko Fadiga (drums) and Slobodan Furtinović (guitar). Third album "Hey Jimi" dedicated to Jimi Hendrix was recorded as trio without Slobodan Furtinović. Enjoy it!!!

01-Foxy Lady
02-Manic Depression
03-The Wind Cries Mary
04-Gypsy Eyes
05-Red House
06-Hey Joe
07-Purple Haze
08-All Along The Watchtower
09-Voodoo Chile

Bitrate 320
Vinyl Rip by Golub


Mike Stone said...

Great album folks!!


Modo said...

Thanks, not bad!!!

micksguitar said...

great share.thank you.