Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Grupa Tač-1977-Jagodinsko momče [Singl]

Group Tač on rare 7inch single "Jagodinsko momče". B side "Zabranjeni rok"

01-Jagodinsko momče
02-Zabranjeni rok

Bitrate 192
Vinyl rip by Lajso
pass lajso


kingpossum said...

Wonderful! I discovered your blog, and I love the music. Thank you for opening my ears to the pop music of the former Yugoslavia.

Can you post the list of the music that plays in the background? I would like to know who the bands and songs are so I can search for them on your blog.

A new fan,

Ex Yu Pop Rock Madness said...

You can see the player in right top corner. Name of the artist and song is showing there. All this songs can be downloaded from because they help me to run this blog. Some songs you can download straight from blog

thanks Kingpossum

kingpossum said...

Thank you Ex Yu Pop Rock Madness...this is great music to explore.