Thursday, 27 December 2007

Sanjalice-1967-Lutka na koncu [Singl]

Sanjalice (Dreamers) were one of, probably not many, girl bands in Yugoslavia. Actually I've heard about only 2 more: Lutke and Sigele. And Sanjalice are probably the only girl band that released a record in Yugoslavia at that time. Unfortunately. I know that Slobodanka Miščević (guitar) was the best student in her class and Ljiljana Jeftić (bass) was only 15 years old. Ok their records are not that wild, but "Bez reči" is one the best girl 60s punk songs I heard. I also love their version of "Happy Together". I heard they were really great band to see live and probably they were wilder than on their records.

01-Marioneta (Puppet on a string)
02-Znam da ćeš se vratiti
03-Haj lili, haj lo (Hi lili, hi lo)
04-Srećni zajedno (Happy together)

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Lajso

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