Saturday, 8 December 2007

Siluete-2000-Sve najbolje 1966-1969

They were more live band but their records are great too. They played beat and rhythm and blues with great vocal, voxxy keyboard sound and here and there great fuzz guitar solo. It's pity that they couldn't catch their raw live sound in studio. In 2000 PGP RTS releaesed compilation with group work from 1966 till 1969 insluding bonus song "Uhvati vetar (Catch the wind)".

01-Dosadan dan (Heaven knows)
02-Najdraži san (Walk in the room)
03-Reka suza
04-Plakaću sutra (I'll vry tomorrow)
05-Tražio sam kišu
06-Voleti nekog (To love somebody)
08-Moj srećan dom (I washed my hands)
09-Uzmi ili ostavi (Take it, or leave it)
10-Noć za ljubav (With a girl like you)
11-Dona (Donna)
12-Tvoj rođendan (Sha-la-la-la-lie)
13-Keti (Kety)
14-Uhvati vetar (Catch the wind)

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by lajso

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Ex Yu Pop Rock Madness said...

Big thanks to lajso for extra remaster and this album!!!