Sunday, 23 December 2007

Zlatni Dečaci-1966-Čudna devojka [Lp]

In the beginning they played on parties. Beat music was taboo in early 60s for many radio programs. So, they made beat covers of 4 classical music parts just to be played on radio. Their friend and big fan - Nikola Karaklajic brought those recordings to Holland. Fontana put it out as 7"EP of Golden Boys. Next year the same record comes out in Yugoslavia. Very soon they become popular and their next single is sold out in 100000 copies. Two singles from 1966 are available on blog today, "Humoreska" and "Čudna devojka".

Zlatni Dečaci-1966-Čudna devojka [Lp]

01-Čudna devojka
03-Napušteni dom
04-Foxtrot oriental

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Lajso

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