Friday, 26 October 2007

Atomsko Sklonište-1982-Mentalna higijena [Lp]

The band, which survived the death of their long-time vocalist Sergio Blažić in 1987, was active until 1992. True to their pacifism, the band members appeared on Zaječar Guitar festival in August 1991, being one of few Croatian artists to appear in Serbia in a time when war raged in their native country. Afterwards, the band occasionally reunited for special events. The band plazed at the Belgrade Beer Fest of 2006. Here is their album "Mentalna higijena" from 1982.

01-Treba imat dušu
02-Na palubi jada
05-Žuti kišobran
06-Kraljica cigana
07-Pun mjesec
08-Iza zida
09-Mutna rijeka

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Titov Pionir

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