Monday, 15 October 2007

Kameleoni-1967-Dedicated to the one I love [Singl]

Kameleoni (The Chameleons) started in 1965. Same year they had their first gig. 1966 they share first price of Championship of Yugoslav bands together with Roboti. Their song "Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi" becomes very popular and they tour whole ex Yugoslavia. Here is 7 inch "Dedicated to the one I love".

01-Dedicated to the one I love
02-Story of my brown friend
(Danilo Kocijančič-Vanja Valič)
03-Gdje si, ljubavi
(Marjan Malikovič i Tulio Furlanič-Vanja Valič)
04-Too much in my mind

Bitrate 256
Vinyl Rip by Mrmot

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