Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Indexi-1964-Sedam veličanstvenih [Singl]

At the beginning of the 70s they released the legendary “Plima” single in 1972, a composition that had been recorded back in 1968 and featured one of the most memorable guitar solos in the Yugoslavian rock-scene, courtesy of Kovacević. Here is their first single "Sedam Veličanstvenih (Theme From Magnificent Seven)" from 1964.

01-Sedam Veličanstvenih (Theme From Magnificent Seven)
(Bernstein-E. Arnautalić)
(I. Arnautalić)
(King-E. Arnautalić)
04-Večeras U Gradu Mladih (Tennsville Tonight)
(Lordan-E. Arnautalić)

Bitrate 320
Vinyl Rip by Mrmot


Rastko said...

This was the beggining of great group called Indexi.

Mike said...

Thanks for this single, I lost every hope of finding it