Sunday, 28 October 2007

Oliver Mandić-1978-Ljuljaj me nežno [Singl]

Mandić's solo performing career began almost by chance in 1978 with "Ljuljaj me nežno" single. He composed that song, with text supplied by Marina Tucaković, for singer Maja Odžaklijevska, but since she failed to show up in Split studio 'Tetrapak' for a booked recording session, Mandić was persuaded by producer Enco Lesić to record it himself. Single was released the same year as "Ljuljaj me nežno" & "Šuma" by PGP RTB, garnering positive reactions both commercially and critically. Single is here, enjoy it!!!

Oliver Mandić-1978-Ljuljaj me nežno [Singl]

01-Ljuljaj me nežno

(O. Mandić-M. Tucaković)
(O. Mandić)

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Zemunac

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