Friday, 12 October 2007

Laza Ristovski-1982-Merge [Lp]

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Laza Ristovski first solo album "Merge" was most selling album with instrumental music of all time in Yugoslavia. Album was recorded in October 1982 in “MS” studio in Belgrade with Oberheim OBX-a 8 Voices, Oberheim DSX (Digital polyphonic sequencer) and Mini Moog (synthesizer).”As a musician who tries to find his own way I wanted and I have got on this record the possibility of full artistic freedom”. (Laza Ristovski)

Laza Ristovski-1982-Merge [Lp]

01-Beyond the horizont
02-Shadow dance
03-Kales bre Andjo

Bitrate 192
Vinyl Rip by Mrmot


Mick said...

Thanks for this album. Anyone can listen this music. great.

Mike Stone said...

Wicked blog!!! Dudes thanks for both Laza Ristovski albums. If you attached some more of his albums would be great.


Litar said...

Svaka čast za ovaj album. Neko ga je već davno okačio na Kombinat ali lošijeg kvaliteta. Sad smo potpuni :)

pozdrav od Litra

costan said...

Hvala za album