Saturday, 13 October 2007

Siluete-1967-Moj srećan dom [Singl]

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Siluete (The Silhouettes) were formed in 1961 almost straight after they saw the film with Cliff Richard & The Shadows in local cinema. Under very strong influence of The Shadows sound, they also choose the similar name. Their first big gig was in the same year as support of one of the first rock'n'roll stars in ex Yugoslavia Đordje Marjanović.

Siluete-1967-Moj srećan dom [Singl]

01-Moj srećan dom (I washed my hands ...)
(Chusk Berry-"Siluete")
02-Uzmi ili ostavi (Take it, or leave it)
03-Noć za ljubav (With a girl like you)
(Reg. Presley-"Siluete")
04-Dona (Donna)

Bitrate 320
Vinyl Rip by Nikola


Adnan said...

Hvala lijepo za Siluete

Litar said...

Odličan rip Nikola. Hoće li nešto od ovoga na Kombinat

pozdrav od Litra