Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Josipa Lisac-1972-Dok razmisljam o nama [Singl]

Acquaintance, friendship and love with a popular Croatian rock’n’roll singer and composer, Karlo Metikos, completely rounds off both her life and her musical direction. Karlo’s experience and strong personality as an author shaped Josipa Lisac as a unique artist and a woman. Here is another Josipa single "Dok razmišljam o nama" from '72.

01-Dok razmišljam o nama
(K. Metikoš-I. Krajač-O. Depolo)
02-Bez tebe
(P. Ham-Evans-M. Doležal-I. Savin)

Bitrate 320
Vinyl Rip by Mrmot

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