Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Laza Ristovski-1984-Roses for a general [Lp]

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First post I dedicate to Laza Ristovski. On 6 of October one of the greatest Serbian keyboard players has died after long illness. During the 70's he played with Bijelo Dugme, Smak, recorded album "Stižemo" with Ipe Ivandić and many more groups. He recorded first solo single "Tražiš oproštaj" in 1980 and his first solo album "Merge" in 1982. Today I will present his fourth album "Roses for a general". He composed and arranged all songs. You can download and listen song "Figueras" directly from my blog or whole album.

Laza Ristovski-1984-Roses for a general [Lp]

01-The green coast
04-Soul excercise
05-The first rose
06-Old places

Bitrate 192
Size 54.6
Vinyl Rip by Zemunac

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